With Video Popup you have the opportunity toadvertise your company or your product with a short presentation through a fast and catchy clip. The use of a video is an important resource for those who want to make known their own business or the product directly, effectively and persuasively. Moreover, by using autoplay setting you can increase views on YouTube with a positive effects on the positioning.

WordPress Video Popup: plugin vs embedded code

Of course you can make a video popup on your WordPress site, 100% responsive and with many personalization features: it will be necessary, however, to use a plugin as an alternative to embedded code in order to play with graphic settings, fully custmization and  some technical characteristics.

Useful features to customize a video popup

Video popups are thus an important resource and a great possibility of customization. For your business you can choose, with ITRO WORDPRESS MARKETING plugin, a number of features for your custom popup:

  • Timed opening and closing of the Popup window: you can start right away or after a few seconds than the page was loaded by the user;
  • Customizable popup dimensions: a larger video can have a greater impact on user experience; obviously it happens only if the popup is set so as to automatically fit the video to the size of the popup;
  • Relationship / 16/9 or 4/3 size, to adapt the play window to the original video format;
  • Time duration with automatic closing of the popup: synchronizing the automatic closing of the popup with the time duration of the video, you can make sure that the window is closed exactly when the video ends;
  • Youtube and Vimeo integration: ITRO WordPress Marketing plugin got a perfect integration with the two major video sharing services, so you just have to put the ID of the video to view it inside the popup (100% responsive);
  • autoplay feature: as soon as the popup appears, the video starts automatically;
  • Visibility on all mobile devices (popup 100% responsive);
  • On-click Popup feature: clicking on a link, a pop-up will appear with the video inside.


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