ITRO Agent Manager: The agents management plugin designed for WooCommerce (WordPress)

Why a management system for sales agents?

Because managing an entire network of sales agents and their commissions it’s a common problem. Especially when you have a huge network, it’s mandatory to have an online tool connected to the warehouse of your business.

Why an agent manager on Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is the most used e-commerce CMS on the market, so the demand is high for this specific tool.



This tool is available as a plugin for Woocommerce (WordPress) in both English and Italian language.

Custom prices for customers: change the price on the fly directly on frontend!

Each agent can set the price of individuals products for each of his customers, directly from the frontend. Otherwise, the standard list price will be applied.

When you’re done adding products to the cart, you can open it to apply discounts and increase the quantity of the products. After that, you will need to click on Update to refresh the cart and then you can proceed to the Checkout.
During the checkout phase, the fields are already filled only if the customer has signed up before or you or an agent edited it. If there’s no data, you must fill all the marked fields. Finally, you can choose a payment method and press on Place order.

Orders and Commissions amount

By clicking on Orders, you can check their status. Immediately after creating one, the status will be in progress and the commission field (for the agent) will be empty. To check and order detail, you can click on it.
Once you have done that, click on Choose an action, and from here you can perform the listed operations, if needed. Once you have picked one, click on Update.
When an order is completed, you can change its status. From the list of all the orders, select one by ticking the box on its left. Then look for Group Actions (it could be at the bottom depending on the device you are using). Then press the button change the status to “completed”, then click Apply. Now you can see the commission amount in the related field, or by entering the order details and find it under the heading Commission.
If you still cannot see it, you must click the Update button under the Commission item in the order details.

You can see all your commissions (if you are an agent) from the menu in the dashboard by clicking the Commissions button.

Custom commissions for the agents

The administrator can choose the commission percentage that the agent will earn on his clients’ orders. Orders can be created by the agent on behalf of the customer or directly by the customer himself. Each agent can have a different commission percentage.

Commission states

When an order has been marked as “Completed” by an administrator, a commission for the specific agent is generated and the administrator can manage the commission phases as he prefers. There are 3 states: Paid, Pending, Canceled. Commission state changes will also be visible to the related agent. A canceled commission will not be present in the report.

Single agent/customer linking

During the account creation phase, each customer can be connected to a specific agent. From that moment, the agent will be able to customize the prices to that customer and earn commissions on his orders.

Hide prices to non-logged users

With a simple checkbox, you can choose whether to keep the e-commerce open and maintaining the sales to the usual online customers or hide the prices and disable the purchase for unregistered users: in this way the e-commerce would become a reserved platform only for sale through the agents’ network.

Features for each role

Admin features

  • Manage prices
  • Create agents
  • Set the commission percentage for each agent
  • View the number of customers for each agent
  • View the number of orders for each agent
  • Change the commissions state
  • View all the commissions or filter them by agent nickname and/or by a period range

Agent features

  • Add customers linked to himself
  • Create orders for his customers
  • Customize prices for his customers on the product page or at checkout
  • View each earned commission or use the report tool to pick a starting and ending date


Customer features

  • Making purchases on his own with his account and with the prices reserved for him. Moreover, the agent’s cart is not affected by his customer’s changes, so he can shop without having to worry about anything.

User features

Depending on the settings you chose, an user can see prices and buy items, or not


ITRO Agent Manager

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