If you are going crazy to move your IMAP server content to another, imapcopy is here to help you!

This powerful tool will allow you to set migrate the entire content of yo old server to the new one.

Let’s go!


To install imapcopy on ubuntu (o other debian):

[dt_code]sudo apt-get install imapcopy[/dt_code]


imapcopy has not a default config file located somewhere in you pc. You need to provide a config file on the fly and start the command `imapcopy` in the folder where you place the ImapCopy.cfg file.

A template of this file is located at:


This file is created with the tool installation.

To avoid the use of `stunnel` remember to use a non-secure connection with you server, so use the standard port 143 (the default one in the ImapCopy.cfg)

IMPORTANT! The `SourceServer` and `DestServer` in the `ImapCopy.cfg` are not DNS names like `imap.example.com` but IPs! If you not use the IPs maybe that imapcopy cannot connet with servers.


to test your config file without starting your synchronization and retrieve all info about your IMAP server:

imapcopy -t

for a complete list of options just run

imapcopy -h


Just run the tool!




sudo apt-get install imapcopy

cd ~/Desktop

#copy on your desktop the template file

cp /usr/share/doc/imapcopy/examples/ImapCopy.cfg ~/Desktop

#edit your config with your data

nano ImapCopy.cfg

#test your config and read info from server

imapcopy -t

#run sync