W3 Total Cache is a very powerful tool for site caching it has over 1M of active install.
The main problem of all caching tools or modules (for example the powerful mod_pagespeed of Google) is….. the CACHE!
You always must remember that after every change, such as plugin updates, core updates, them updates and similar you need to clear all you cache (JS, CSS, etc…).

In our case after the last update (5.0) many users had problems with our free wordpress popup plugin ITRO Popup.

In our last update we changed the JavaScript handler for popup closing so if you have W3TC active is possible that there is in your cache the old scripts so the popup automatic margin is not working. In fact you can use for example the Mozilla Firefox inspector and find your popup without a top margin set.


So if you have this problem follow these steps:

  • clear all cache of W3 Total Cache
  • clear the Minify cache (see the image below)

If is not working:

  • switch to “YUI Compressor” instead of “JSMin”
  • if you have some problem rollback to JSMin


Now everything should work without problems.

However if you cannot find a solution do not hesitate to contact us!

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