Use of Popup Form and Optin Form

Speaking of pop-up forms and its functions, it may sometimes be tricky for those who know little about this tool and its applications. The pop-up forms are very useful as they inform you of free resources, offers to propose, notices, forms with inscriptions or videos of promotion for your company.

The Pop-up Forms are windows that appear on the pages of a website and generally invite you to do different tasks such as: subscribe to the newsletter, download a free resource, join the website, participate in a survey, send an request for the media or other.

Clearly this type of windows, because of the immediacy in which they appear on the screen, are immediately visible and captivating. Many sites have a real response in terms of conversion (newsletter subscriptions, contact info or request).

The Popup forms are a clear and effective tool to increase the number of subscriptions to your list. However, you need to make some important considerations before creating these forms. Once the user has subscribed to a newsletter, probably because attracted by content that is proposed, you should continue to uphold the user’s interest, because they perhaps could be not interested in the subject anymore. It ‘s important to make sure, once the potential customer is registered, that the proposal or offer results attractive and immediate. For this aim a newsletter or  a free resource to download are excellent tools.

Additional functionalities for a popup form

Our WordPress plugin ITRO WordPress Marketing lets you create your contact / optin form, then create the popup and associate it to the form through the functionality “contact add on”; you can also  have a number of additional features for your custom popup form:


  • Popup window opening and closing
  • Size, colors and roundness of customizable Popups
  • Duration time with automatic closing of the popup
  • Visibility on all mobile devices
  • Using Onclick Popup: clicking directly on a link to reveal the form (useful, for example, in the team page where bring up a dedicated contact form by clicking on each team member)


  • Customization of fields and labels
  • Setting required fields
  • Import MailChimp’s form fields
  • Subscribe to a specific MailChimp list
  • Adding the autoresponder functionality (also valid for free MC account)
  • Ability to disable the double optin / subscription confirmation (also valid for free MC account)


Within the pop-up will be then possible to insert a contact form (to send a message) or an optin form (to subscribe to the MailChimp V), both with autoresponder option (to send, for example, a discount code or a Free resource).


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