Why Use WordPress? Tips and motivations for those who want to create a website

When you are faced with the need to create a website, probably the first decision you make is which platform to use. Why do we think using WordPress is the best solution? Here are the main reasons!

Before thinking about building a site for your company, you should think about which tools to use and immediately focus on your final goal. We have always supported the use of the WordPress platform for its flexibility and ability to integrate with all the main marketing tools by now. Furthermore, it is so simple to use that it is truly within everyone’s reach.

On the internet, even today, it is easy to find medium or small business sites made with technologies that are obsolete and difficult to use by the owner: proprietary CMSs or even flash sites, absolutely unsuitable for modern devices (and for positioning on Google! ). This could have been fine up to 10 years ago, but fortunately a lot has changed and today everything is within reach thanks to the main open source CMS.

What does this imply? Code quality, continuous updates by the best developers in the world but above all ease of use.

The open source CMS that is used most of all today is WordPress, a flexible and very powerful tool, which in addition to creating a mere website allows you to apply additional features – for marketing and SEO – now indispensable.

Those who own a business, a company or a company of any type try to promote themselves on the internet often on their own, trying to make small and continuous changes on their web portal that are effective and can benefit their business: therefore highlights the importance of the BLOG feature of WordPress.

Another fundamental feature of WordPress is e-commerce: if you want to create your very own online shop for your business, WordPress also helps you with this with the free WooCommerce plugin.

Here are the three things you need to know to get started with WordPress:

  1. WordPress & SEO
    By now, WordPress themes are almost all SEO optimized: clean and mobile friendly code, and plugins for guided SEO optimization (first of all Yoast SEO)
  2. Inside the content
    Surely you don’t really like the idea of ​​having to learn programming languages ​​to keep your site up to date. Or have you always entangled yourself in other solutions such as programs, constantly asking a Webmaster for features, paying him from time to time to let you update your site. Using WordPress, you can easily create your pages with a content editor and publish your news or updates in real time.
  3. Support
    If you have difficulties or want to add features or functionality to your site, it is easy to find support, thanks to many plugins and extensive documentation in Italian present throughout the web or simply by asking the advice of a professional: WordPress is now a must for all web operators and you will not find one who is not able to give you support. Furthermore, for do-it-yourself lovers, it is possible to find many articles on WordPress with different interested topics (the famous “Tips and Tricks” and sector blogs).

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