Nowadays talking about WordPress pop-up is essential as a key.
Subject to many hostile and controversial, the popup have a bad reputation.
Nevertheless, today we observe a sharp increase of this content on different websites.
But are popups  really working?
In this article we will discover how to best use them, their usefulness, to avoid them becoming a nightmare for you.
There are different types of pop-ups, but the goal is always the same: to show a frame or a window superimposed on the content of a site.
In other words, hide a content in order to highlight another.

How do we use the pop-up on sites with e-commerce?

Usually on e-commerce websites popups are used to perform surveys, gather new newsletter subscriptions, acquiring new fans on social networks or promoting a special offer.
The actions suggested by the pop usually gain a much higher conversion rate than when they are offered in a simple site pane.
It has been verified that this format of the definitely clear message captures the visitor’s attention.
So this way you will catch the attention of visitors, definitely increases the conversion rate.
Pop-up, an effective weapon?
So Pop-ups have a very significant interest.
Average users have a habit of automatically close pop-up, so it is important to study carefully the message that aims to convey with this system, to study the effectiveness of the content so that it can be persuasive for any user.
It ‘important to use the popup with the lightbox effect, allowing you to easily display the popup window just opened;

Important choice is to facilitate the closing of the pop-up with a clearly visible cross or with a simple click outside the window; Use the tracking cookie to not redisplay the popup each time the visitor returns to the site;
Show pop-up for at least one minute if requires filling out a form, or a few seconds if the popup is only one display;
The content of the pop-up must be based on the interest of visitors.
Treating the title, already indicate the number of people attending the newsletter or offer discounts for every registration.
set the popup appearing too often  might be deleterious and be flagged as spam;
just ask the essential: type ‘e-mail address and name should be enough for  newsletter subscription;
Do not use pop-ups that open when visitors want to leave the page (“exit intent popup”), unless you want to lose them permanently.

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