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ITRO Team deals with Software Development, On-Line and Off-line Integration, Plug-in Development and Customized Features, WordPress Customizations, Data Analytics and much more.

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WordPress Plugins

ITRO WordPress Marketing

ITRO WordPress Marketing is not only a WordPress Popup Plugin: with an unlimited variety of functionalities about web marketing it is a very powerful tool.

This plugins contains everything you need for your Web Marketing and communication strategies!

ITRO Popup Plugin

ITRO WordPress Popup Plugin is a WordPress FREE plugin which allows to display a fully customizable popup in your WP website. 

There’s embedded the WordPress editor to put simply whatever you want in your popup. This plugin is basic-user oriented, no code knowledge is required.

ITRO WooDrop

A plugin for the italian market. ITRO WooDrop makes a sync between a WooCommerce-based ecommerce and MSX International DropShipping system.

Product sync, stock sync, order sync and the possibility to set your own prices to the whole online store, in value or percentage.

We are an Italian team of professionals with many and complementary skills, ranging from programming to software solutions to web marketing & design.

We were born to create stable and powerful solutions for our customers and we grew up working on WordPress customizations, software development, and creating custom solutions.

We keep the focus on quality and solve complex technical problems due to the extensive knowledge of programming languages.

We can develop software solutions according to your requirements, ensuring both high quality based on technical development standards and a fast and reliable service.

Our team of developers is committed to continuously improving the stability and speed of our products and services, as well as adding new features and fast support.

Today we work on several web projects – mainly in Italy – and on software development that we sell on the worldwide market through this website. Our most popular products are ITRO Popup Plugin – a plugin that can be downloaded free of charge from the WordPress.org repository that serves to create a fully customizable and multilingual popup on WordPress- and ITRO sites. WordPress Marketing, a premium plugin with several features for web marketing (a fully customizable popup, a visual builder contact form with synchronization to the free MailChimp account, to which the optin adds the free autoresponder, click counter counter and analytics, import / export demos as well as your data in case of plugin migration and more …). These plugins boast over 20,000 active users around the world.

We are specialized in web site and external management synchronization systems and in the integration between online and offline tools. Our commitment is at the highest satisfaction of our customers and we respond to support requests within 24 hours.

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