Basic settings of ITRO Popup Plugin

If it’s the first time you install the plugin, you can see that there are already some settings and a text sample.

These are the basic settings to display your popup:

Popup seconds

Just set how long your popup has to be displayed (in seconds).

Next time visualization

Set in hours the time before the popup appears again (in the case of a second visit of the page in the same session).

Popup position

Absolute or fixed.

Popup layout

You can set width in px or in %, auto height or set in px or%.

You can choose the border color, the padding, the radius and so on… a popup background color (leave white for transparent background) or background image.

Set the page background color and opacity.

Popup content

Insert your popup content through WordPress editor: easy to use and html allowed!

Decide where your popup will be displayed



Settings marked with (advanced) can be used only if “ADVANCED SETTINGS” is checked.



If you have set “Front page displays: Your latest posts” in “Settings->Reading” and you want to display the popup in the home, check this box. In fact if there is not selected a static page for your homepage, this one will not appear in the list (under this section) of your Woprdpress site pages.

You can select single page or multiple pages by the list under this option. For multiple selections hold down “CTRL” key of your keyboard and than click on the pages.

You show your pop-up in all pages of your WordPress site. No limits to your pop-up!

Your pop-up will be hidden in all pages. Good to make your tests without showing your “draft” to your visitors.


(ADVANCED) Maybe that popup appear bad in small screens of mobile devices (especially in non responsive themes). Or you simply may want to disable it for a better user experience.

(ADVANCED) By default visitors can close your pop-up with “ESC” key, this is useful not to annoy them, but if you want to block the popup, for example if you are advertising something, check this box and visitors can close it only with the cross in the upper right.

Popups can be closed automatically after a number of seconds that you can decide here. But if you want to block your popup and disable automatic closing set this option to zero.

(ADVANCED) You can decide a delay (in seconds) before the popup displays.

It sets the cookie expiration time, so visitors see another time the popup only after the number of hours that you have set.

(ADVANCED) Show the countdown at the bottom of the popup which displays the time before popup will close. If it’s hidden, it runs anyway so if you want to disable it, set “Popup seconds” to zero.


Set “Fixed” if you want to anchor the popup to screen, so the popup is fixed and behind it the page scroll. Set “Absolute” to anchor the popup to page, so they scroll together.


This plugin can automatically center vertically your popup. This features works great with all main browser. If for any reasons it doesn’t work, uncheck the option and insert manually top margin (in pixel) in the “Popup top marigin (px)”.