Will the popup cause problems for SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?
No, it is a simple div in your pages no meta tag no keywords, so it will not affect your search engine indexing.
How can I display popup only one time in any page of my site?
Set the max value (720 hours = 1 month) for “Next time visualization” and select display it in “All pages”.
I use Ultimate Tinymce (or similar) to use more WP editor option but i can't see the icon! (hidden to the right)
Use the full width visualization to enlarge top bar.
I need to unistall plugin without losting my settings. How can i do it?
Simply UNCHECK the box at the bottom of pop-up admin panel, save changes, then unistall the plugin.
What is the “ITRO – Preview” in my pages?
This page is automatically created to correctly display preview. DO NOT DELETE IT. Popup cookie doesn’t work in this page.
How can i have a preview of my settings?
Save settings than click on preview button. Will be opened a preview page, this is needed to display correctly the popup, with theme style.
Are ITRO Popup Plugin and ITRO WordPress Marketing compatible?

Yes, you cant install both on your site ad use them at the same time.

Does the plugin add some tables in my WordPress database?

Yes. The tables are “wp_itro_plugin_option” “wp_itro_plugin_field”.

What are they for?

In the first one are stored all small data options, in the other one bigger data as custom HTML code.

Can I create different popups for different pages?

No, you can’t. If you need different popups maybe you need ITRO WordPress Marketing Plugin: download a free 14 days trial, maybe you’ll like it!

Is the popup responsive?

Yes it is fully responsive.

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