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Will the popup cause problems for SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?

No it is a simple div in your pages no meta tag no keywords, so it will not affect your search engine indexing.

I want to display popup only one time in any page of my site.

Set the max value (720 hours = 1 month) for “Next time visualization” and select display it in “All pages”.

I use Ultimate Tinymce or similar, to use more WP editor option but i cant see the icon! (hidden to the right)

Use the full width visualization to enlarge top bar.

I need to unistall plugin without lost my settings. How can i do it?

Simply UNCHECK the box at the bottom of pop-up admin panel, save changes, than unistall the plugin.

How can i have a preview of my settings?

Save settings than click on preview button. Will be opened a preview page, this is needed to display correctly the popup, with theme style.

Does the plugin add some tables in my WordPress database?

Yes. The tables are “wp_itro_plugin_option” “wp_itro_plugin_field”.

What are they for?

In the first one are stored all small data options, in the other one bigger data as custom HTML code.

Can I create different popups for different pages?

No, you can’t. If you need different popups maybe you need ITRO WordPress Marketing Plugin: download a free 14 days trial, maybe you’ll like it!

Is the popup responsive?

Yes it is fully responsive.

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